You've got to camp!  Sandbanks Provincial Park has the best beach, the smoothest sand and the best camping in Ontario! This festival provides a completely unique opportunity for festival-goers to enjoy the beach/show/art/food and then walk right to their very own campsite!

Camping Option A - Trailer Comfort!

We get a lot of families and groups that like to camp in comfort and we highly recommend trailer rentals that will allow you to show up to your campsite with a proper full-size trailer already hooked up, set up and ready for the family. Our trailer partners do all the work to get you set up for when you arrive. Please note that these are two night rentals, so you'll need to sign up for both Friday and Saturday night. Here are the three easy steps you can do to get this arranged:

Camping Option B - Tent

We get a lot of families and groups that have all the gear and prefer the classic tent camping experience. Here are the two easy steps you can do to set this up:

Non-Camping Options - Local Cottages, Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, AirBnb

There are so many great places to stay in The County, so please take a look at our FULL ACCOMMODATION OVERVIEW for great ideas! Click here for our full overview of great places to stay in and around Sandbanks Provincial Park.