For our first official blog post on the Sandbanks Music Festival website, promoter Dave Ullrich answers the question 'Why SLOAN'?


I do believe respect is earned, not given.  Music has always been a huge part of my life, and having been lucky enough to be part of a real working/touring/recording band, I have my own view of what constitutes the 'good stuff'. SLOAN is a band with four songwriters, four personalities and four lines of musical pedigree.  The result is a deep well of great music and it is definitely the good stuff. They've been doing their thing for over 25 years earning them respect in Canada and acclaim from around the world. They are the perfect band to play at Sandbanks Music Festival.

My history with the band goes back to the first times I ever saw them in Kingston back in the early 90's.  I was just starting to play in my own band and watching SLOAN rise was truly inspiring. After a few years finding some success with my own group, we moved to Halifax and the connection grew even more.  We shared the same manager, they invited us to be on their label, we toured together. Members of SLOAN even helped unpack our moving van the day we arrived in town late one night after driving our 25-foot rental truck from Kingston to Halifax.

Many years have passed since those days, but SLOAN continue to put out great albums, tour all over and earn even more respect from music fans everywhere. On September 17 at the Sandbanks Outlet Beach Stage, we'll all get a chance to see why SLOAN is one of Canada's all time greatest bands. The answer to 'why SLOAN' is simply because THEY ROCK.

- Dave Ullrich