2017 Wrap


Saturday, September 16, 2017 - This was the scene from the Outlet Beach stage right in the middle of a classic set from Great Lake Swimmers. We've been doing this event for four years and this was the first time it did not rain! The crowd was glowing from a full day of music, family, and food. We were all so happy that a band known for its love of natural spaces could round things out in the most beautiful Provincial Park in Ontario! 

6. Great Lake Swimmers crowd -Sandbanks Musicfest Sept2017.jpg

ARTISTS - A big thanks go out to all of our artists who performed as part of the 2017 show including headliner Great Lake Swimmers, Lowest of the Low, The Inbreds, By Divine Right, Vallens, Solids, Lydia Képinski, and The Lonely Parade. So many told us you discovered some great new sounds this year, so thanks for appreciating the mix!

ART ON STAGE - Thanks very much to Suendrini for providing our 2017 Art on Stage installation. She uses recycled fabrics to create original pieces with environment theme. Her work for Sandbanks Music 2017 was entitled "Good Reef! Helping the Dusk and Dawn Chorus". Learn more about Suen's work - http://suendrini.com.

LEAD SPONSORS - Our lead sponsors provide the financial support that helps us to keep our ticket prices down and we thank them for that! Our lead sponsors this year included TD Bank, Parsons Brewing, Karlo Estates, County Cider, Empire Cider, Kinsips, Honey Pie Hives, and our valued kids area sponsors from The County.  

FESTIVAL SPONSORS - Our festival sponsors help us make this event happen and provide the parts to make it work so well.  We sincerely appreciate the support of Brighton RV Spa, The Regent Theatre, County FM 99.3, The Wellington Times, Outside Music, Exclaim.ca, The Drake Devonshire, The Picton Harbour Inn, Frere Du Nord, Vintage Map Co, The June Motel, Vicki's Yoga, Books & Company, PELC, 91X Radio, County T-Shirts. The event was presented by Zunior.com.

Sydney kickin in the crowd -Sandbanks Musicfest Sept2017.jpg

VENDORS - Thanks to all of our food vendors including Drake Devonshire BBQ, Picnic Food Truck, Sand and Pearl Raw Bar, Bajan Bites, IDLE WILD pec, Chill Zone Ice Cream, The Snack Shack and Lemonade Dave. Also thanks to our drinks vendors including Parsons beer, Karlo Estates wine, County Cider, Empire Cider, Kinsip Spirits and Honey Pie mead. 

STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS - Big thanks go out to the team that worked our front gate all day long including Emily and Maeve Cowan, Joanne Dullard, Jen Sills and Helen Hawketts. Much appreciation goes to our set up and tear down crew including Steve Mee, Darwin McGrath and David Bennett. Thanks to Frank Ullrich and family for helping at the gate and with lemonade. Thanks to Albert Ullrich for making the Arduino-controlled LED Sandbanks logo, and Bob Ullrich for making the 2017 event commercial. David and Andrea Lewis volunteered as our greeters at the front gate.The kids area was sponsored by The County and Krista Dalby from Small Pond Arts, along with Treese Moore, led a superb team that made all the kids look like superheros with capes and face paint! Joel Yearsley from Kingston KSound provided the stage sound, with some help from Rich Taylor. Our backstage artist area was in the capable hands of Susanne Larner as our official Sandbanks Music Festival Band Concierge, doing a great job ensuring the musicians had all the essentials. Our DJ Stephanie Horak from Stories Behind The Songs created a great musical vibe all day long spinning songs in between every set. Thanks to Humble Bread, Sand and Pearl and PICNIC for providing backstage food for our artists. Thanks to Lori Farrington for all the help leading up the show in so many ways. Thanks so much to Ken Hudson from County T-Shirts for creating our amazing 2017 poster!

PARK STAFF AND FRIENDS OF SANDBANKS - The Sandbanks Park staff did a great job setting up fences, installing our new stage covering and generally preparing and closing up the event space. Meanwhile, the Park Rangers were on hand to help all day long and make sure everyone was safe. The event itself serves to raise funds for The Friends of Sandbanks, and $1 from every ticket sold goes to The Friends. Big thanks to the park for hosting this event with their team under the direction Park Superintendent Robin Reilly.

FEEDBACK - We plan to do this again next year and we'd love to hear what you thought of the 2017 event, and what you might like to see next year. Please feel free to shoot me an email anytime with your feedback - dave@zunior.com.

We'll continue to post more photos in the coming days on social media using our event hashtag #sandbanksmusic and we encourage you to do the same.

On behalf of the full team at Sandbanks Music 2017, thanks for coming and we hope to see you again in 2018! 

Dave Ullrich
Sandbanks Music Festival Organizer


Also be sure to come out for our sister festival called County Pop on Saturday, April 28, 2018!

We had a lot of requests for our official festival t-shirt, which sold out at the event, so made a fresh order and you can buy them right here for just $30 with FREE SHIPPING! Makes a great gift.